ZerotoHero: Introduce Yourself

It is the first week of January 2014 and I decided to join the 30-day Zero to Hero blog challenge of WordPress. 🙂


I’m Audrey and I’ve been blogging for almost three years now. If you would browse through my blog from the start (January 2011), you would see how much it evolved from a reservoir of poetry to a more personal day-to-day blog.

It was a pleasant surprise when this blog started gaining readers and followers. From a cold piece of website in the vast cyberspace, this blog has become a warm home where I meet readers who eventually became my friends.

I write about life, my adventures, and experiences. I want to achieve my full potential as a person and I would like you, my readers, to join me in this wonderful journey!

2 Comments on ZerotoHero: Introduce Yourself

  1. JulianeAshley
    January 4, 2014 at 3:18 pm (8 years ago)

    Great intro post for Z to H challenge! I look forward to taking some time to look over your previous posts and see the evolution you mentioned… I’ve been on WP since January 2010 and mine has changed a lot, too. Yet, I went through and deleted all my older stuff to get a FRESH start 🙂 Best of luck in the challenge!

    • Audrey
      January 4, 2014 at 3:23 pm (8 years ago)

      Thank you JulianeAshley! Thanks for dropping by… I’m looking forward to read your posts as well! Take care!


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