Kids React

Mom and I had a good laugh while watching these videos. I felt so ancient that kids nowadays doesn’t know what Walkmans and Rotary Phones are. I remembered being so giddy when my grandfather gave me a Walkman! Oh yeah! I feel so cool and popular (feeling lang!). Now, I couldn’t imagine seeing someone walking around listening to a music using walkman and cassette tape!

As to rotary phones, haaay… yes, naabutan ko po yun! I remember going to my grandmother’s shop in Quezon City from time to time and being amazed with her rotary phone! I used to wish having the same phone in our house but we were already using a mobile phone back then. Yes! Mobile phone! Sosyal! But wait! It is not like an iphone or not even close to Nokia 5110. Our mobile phone back then was big enough that it needs to be carried in a separate bag!

Anyway, let me share with you these videos… Enjoy!

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