Self-Esteem Project

“Am I beautiful?” this is a common question that goes through the head of each person – especially women.

How about you?

Are you beautiful?

How do you perceive yourself?

Are you happy with your features?

I would like to share with you this video before I continue… Kindly watch it…

The video above hopefully made us realize that this world’s version of beauty is distorted. The society and the beauty industry somehow defines beauty in a very materialistic and physical.

Beauty products has gone overboard in using media to plant a seed of doubt and insecurity in us so women would look at themselves as ‘not beautiful”  or “lacking some features” and be compelled to buy cosmetics and beauty products. If you notice, more you bombard yourself with television and media, the more you are bombarded with this wrong connotation. The wrong definition of beauty.

There was an experiment conducted to find out how women perceived themselves. Here’s another video for you to watch.

We are all beautiful in our own unique ways… It is just how we perceive and carry ourselves. Don’t let the society ruin or distort the real definition of beauty. Real beauty comes from within.

I am thrilled that Dove chose to do their campaigns differently from the norm – they chose to step up. This is not a sponsored post for Dove. Although I’ve been a user of Dove body wash for quite sometime already. What I like about their campaign is it chose to be different. Instead of giving us a computerized (Photoshop) version of beauty, it encourages us to embrace what we have and take care of it.

My dad understood the definition of real beauty way before I barely scratched the meaning of it. I was usually baffled whenever he gets mad because I would put on make-up. I am not a fan of heavy make-up to begin with. But still, once upon a time, I was guilty of succumbing to the trend of beauty that this society defines. He would tell me, “Why do you like to put paint on your face?” I usually use the alibi “I am just highlighting my features.” I realized that you don’t have to paint your face and look like somebody else to look beautiful because what is important is what is within. You need to work on your inner self, your character, your virtues. Physical beauty will eventually fade but character and real beauty will last a lifetime.

Lastly, let me share with you this beautiful poem by Emily Hunter:

Is it curling the hair or painting the face?
Pinning on bows, pink ribbons and lace?
Flounces and frills, bracelets and rings?
Polishing nails? Is it all of these things?

No, you can’t pin it on
Like a bow in the hair.
You can’t put it on
Like the garment you wear.
It’s deeper than ornaments
Gracing the skin.
For true femininity
Comes from within!

It glows from the heart
That is gentle and kind.
A soul that is chaste,
An honest pure mind.
Without inner goodness
How futile the bows.
For ‘pinning on petals’
Can never make a rose!


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