It has been a while since I last updated this blog. It has been a roller coaster month for me and to cap it off, my computer broke down. Said hiatus from the hours of eye to eye contact with the computer screen gave me time to enjoy arts and crafts once again whenever I have extra time to spare.

Since I wasn’t able to update this blog last month, I will just give you a quick recap.


June is the month of Mini-Olympics in the office. During the sent-off party of the athletes, one of the Directors forced assigned me to be the muse of the team. Waaaah! I’ve already been the muse two years ago and in my mind I was already shouting “Waaaahhh! Di ba kayo nagsasawa?”. Since the only choice that I have that time is to agree – hence, I agreed! Even though I’ve done this thing two years ago, the experience was still nerve wracking! I never joined beauty pageants in my life and even though this is only “being the muse” thingy, hay naku! Na-ka-ka-ner-byos. As I was walking with the athletes during the parade, my mind was ranting “Matatapos din ito…” 🙂

10487386_10203497362068951_5797293737130188580_nPicMonkey Collagefirst


This is my third year in the AFS Swimming Team. After series of training, my suntanned skin is back! Here are some photos taken during the swimming competition.

thirdThose two activities were the highlight of the month of June. I’m off for an out of town trip tonight so hopefully, I’ll add more entries soon!

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