Dress Etiquette

“The way you dress says a lot about you.”

Although I believe that modesty must be considered in any attire that we wear, I also believe that we need to add a tinge of fashion and class in our attire.

There are times when we need to go to a meeting or occasion with a specified dress code. Always remember to adhere to the dress code if you don’t want to be the center of distraction! 🙂 Distraction indeed! Imagine wearing a gown on a job interview or a picnic attire on a wedding! (Oh no!!!)

Dressing properly falls under good manners and right conduct. Yes, G-M-R-C 🙂 you show respect to your officemates, classmates, friends, business partners, by the way you dress.

Here are some tips that I got about.com that might help you.

Casual Attire: Casual wear can mean anything from shorts and a T-shirt to khakis and a button front blouse. You’ll need to find out a number of things before deciding, such as whether you’ll be indoors or outdoors and what others are wearing. What you would wear to the office on casual Friday is different from what you’d wear to a Friday night football game at the local high school. Remember that when you go to work, you may run into supervisors who determine your future with the company.

Resort Casual: Resort wear is typically a comfortable pair of shorts, slacks, or skirt, a nice top or shirt that goes with the bottoms, and sandals. As you put together your resort casual outfit, think about how you want to look in pictures that you’ll show your family and friends later.

Business Casual: Business casual should always look need and well pulled together. Avoid appearing as though you are on your way to a cocktail party. Never wear clothes that are too tight or oversized. A good fit is always in style.

Formal Business: Formal business attire is worn by the ultra professional who wants to be taken seriously and to get ahead. It should never be too flashy or appear cheap. A business suit doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look expensive.

Semi-Formal: Whether you are attending a cocktail party, dance, or other event that calls for semi-formal, you’ll be just fine in a dress made from satin or sparkling fabric. Men should wear a suit to a semi-formal event. Women who frequently attend semi-formal events should consider having a little black dress that can be worn year-round, with or without a jacket or wrap.

Formal Wear: Formal wear can be tricky. Most of the time, long gowns are acceptable for women and a tuxedo or dark suit are fine for men. However, some designers have made short and mid-calf dresses that are classified as formal. Men need to find out if the event is black tie, white tie, or dark suit appropriate.

Wedding Guest Attire: Attire for wedding guests can run the full dress code spectrum, from resort to formal. If the invitation doesn’t state how to dress, let the time and location of the wedding be your guide.

Most of the time, it is perfectly fine to dress in resort semi-formal for a daytime beach wedding. For women, a sundress with a wrap to cover the shoulders and sandals are fine. Men may wear nice slacks, a polo shirt or button front shirt, and a lightweight jacket, with or without a tie.

A courtyard wedding calls for a little bit dressier look than resort semi-formal. For women, that means a nice dress, skirt, or pantsuit. Men should wear slacks, a button-front shirt, a jacket, and a tie that can be removed later.

For a daytime church wedding, a knee-length or tea-length dress is appropriate for women. Men should wear a suit or nice pants, shirt, tie, and coordinating jacket.

An evening wedding is generally more formal, and the invitation should state how to dress. If not, ask someone from the bridal party if you are expected to dress in formal or semi-formal attire.


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