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We are in a world where almost everything comes in an instant. From fast food, instant coffee, instant noodles, etc.

During my elementary years, I remember cutting out pictures from magazines, drawing a border on each bond paper, pasting the cut-out pictures, writing the captions for each page, and doing everything from scratch for my school project. Nowadays, cut and paste have a different meaning! Students could find a picture and print it in full color in just few clicks. Some school projects and assignments are even being sent online – paperless!!!

Though how wonderful and easy it is to get things done in an instant nowadays, a part of me still have this amazement to traditional art and handmade things.

Thanks to instagram, I was able to meet people that share the same love for traditional art. For this post, let me introduce you to Pearl Choco, the wonderful lady behind @snapperdoodles. She is an artistic and creative lady who shares her God-given skills to the world.

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Tell me something about yourself.

Hi I’m Pearl! A graduate of finance by profession and an artist at heart. My creative place is a cozy cafe, where I sip a cup of coffee while I reflect on life and write down my thoughts. I have two poodles (Tuffy and Patchi) they are my sidekicks; they sleep on my desk while I work 🙂

I currently have SnapperDoodles and TinyTreasuresPH. SnapperDoodles is mostly a gallery where I post my hand-drawn lettering works, it’s my personal Instagram account. TinyTreasuresPH is the shop I started last November 2013. It’s  basically my art shop where I sell the artworks found on SnapperDoodles and bottlecap accessories. Bottlecap? Yup! The ones on soda bottles. It’s a signature of the shop especially when I go on bazaars. It makes me happy to have a #ProudlyPinoy handmade item to share with people. 

Oh I have an upcoming bazaar this Aug 22-24 at the Metrotent, Ortigas! In case you’d like to come visit 🙂 

Bottlecap Accessories

unnamedunnamed (1)Drawings and Doodles

unnamed (8)thirdCanvass bags

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What made you decide that you want to start your business?

After three years in finance and two years in the corporate world, I felt like it was time to pursue what I really wanted in life. The choice didn’t come that quickly though. Leaving the corporate world and a stable job for something so uncertain seemed like a brainless thing to do. I took the matter to prayer and fasting because I was so desperate to find my purpose in life. On my birthday, the answer came and I told myself “For one year, I will do everything I can to serve and glorify God through the talent, skill and passion He has given me in art.” That’s when I decided to pursue SnapperDoodles.

Why did you name your account as “snapperdoodles”?

It sounds like a funny name when I hear it now! Haha! I chose SnapperDoodles because I want to share my life through photos and my art. So it means: “My life in Snaps and Doodles”.

What are the hurdles that you faced when you started your business/es. 

Hmm.. There had been a few challenges as I started SnapperDoodles. Admittedly, one of the biggest problems is that I didn’t have the support I had hoped from my family. Second is my fear of the unknown.  It’s hard pursuing something without promises that it would be successful one day.

Describe a regular workday for you.

I work at home, the bedroom is my office. A regular workday for me starts at 8AM and ends doesn’t really end. Within the day I answer E-mails, work on some freelance projects, look for new bazaar opportunities and make bottlecap accessories for TinyTreasures.

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How could you manage to do everything? (being a blogger, crafter, entrepreneur, etc.)

This question actually struck me! I didn’t realize I’m doing way too many things at once. I guess I just want to try pursuing the things I love to do. In a day, whenever I feel inspired to write, I blog about my thoughts; when I feel that more products are needed for the TinyTreasures Bazaar, I craft some; when I need new art to post on Instagram, I doodle a bit.

What are your future plans/dreams?

In the future I’m hoping to have a bigger class for the workshop and some more bazaars to spread Filipino creativity with the bottlecap accessories. The rest is all up to wherever He may lead me. 

What workshops are you conducting?

I’m currently holding a lettering workshop for those who want to learn the basics and techniques. My teaching style is pretty different though, I tend to go for the “barkada” type rather than the “teacher-student” because it’s pretty amazing getting to know people more personally.

How could we register in your workshop?

To register in the SnapperDoodles workshop, you could register directly with this link:

Or by going to the Events tab on my Website:

taken during one of Pearl's workshops

taken during one of Pearl’s workshops


What advice could you give to the readers who would like to start their own business?

I’m not sure if I’m in the right position to give advice as I’m pretty much just starting out, myself. I’ll share what I’ve learned in these couple of months, though: With dreaming, there should also be doing, and the rest that you can’t control, you put in His hands.

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