New Look

I had the same blog design since time in memorial! Before you react with a “boooooo!” Let me manifest that I am not a techie type of person. As a matter of fact, it was just few months ago when I learned how to use dropbox and it was also this year when I learned the use of hashtags! (Ok, you may now laugh!)

Thankfully, my brother’s techie genes compensated what I lack. Last Sunday, he helped me to re-design my blog. (Finally!) I hope you like this new design! (tan-ta-na-nan!!!)

This blog has been a part of my life for the past three (3) years! It started as a simple e-storage of my poems (which explains the makabagdamdaming title ‘sentiments from the heart’) Then eventually, I started blogging about anything and everything under the sun.

I remember how kilig I was when I saw that I have 5 blog subscribers! Akalain mo yun?! May nagbabasa pala ng blog ko! Eventually, I was asked to blog about a restaurant. Of course I was so giddy but my initial reaction was “Are you sure you want your restaurant to be featured in my humble, simple, and low-profile blog?” When the owner responded with a resounding yes, haaaay… I’m in cloud nine! Oh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! Hahaha! #nenebloggermoment

Today, I still feel giddy whenever brands would ask me to review their products. However, along with the giddiness comes the responsibility to blog with all honesty. I remember there was a time when I respectfully turned down a certain product because I could not endorse it to my dear readers with all honesty. I personally feel that I owe it to the people who takes time to read my posts. At the same time, I’d rather not blog about a product than to say something bad about it.

I value the readers of this blog. I appreciate those who take time to comment and even go the extra mile of sending me an email. I appreciate emails and messages from readers. I would like to hear from you on possible topics that you want me to blog about. Just drop me a line at

Lastly, I hope that you like the new look of our abode. 🙂 May you continue to join me as I share sentiments (and even kakulitan) from the heart! 🙂

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