Last weekend, I played with washi tapes and mod podge. You might be seeing a lot of arts and crafts in Pinterest using these materials.

Washi tapes are decorative tapes that originated in Japan while mod podge is a sealer glue finish.

I want to change the design of the mouse pad that was given to me few years ago. So I gathered my washi tapes, mod podge, X-acto knife and the mouse pad that I want to decorate.

one aI first wiped the surface of the mouse pad with a tissue paper making sure that it is clean before I work on it.

one b

Since i’ll be using a pastel-colored washi tape, I decided to cover the surface of the mouse pad with white textile paint. This would ensure that I won’t see any trace of the previous design beneath the washi tape. I placed a kitchen towel beneath the mouse pad to prevent the paint to smudge on my work area. I also used a hard brush in applying the paint to add texture.one c

After I painted the entire surface, I used a blower to speed up the drying time.one d

Once the surface is dry, I designed it with washi tape!one f

I trimmed the edges using X-Acto knife.

one g

After decorating, I sealed the design by brushing the surface with mod podge.

one h

I let it dry overnight before using my newly-designed mouse pad! Yehey!!!


Aside from the mouse pad, I also washified my phone charger and my Mom’s plant pot. 🙂


What do you think of my simple washified projects? 🙂

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