I usually do arts and crafts whenever I have the time outside of work. Unlike other crafters who do it for a living, I craft as a hobby. It’s my way to relax after work.

One day, I received an email from JP Morgan Company. They will have a conference for their company’s top executives and they want me to make a personalized papercutting art for each of their top executives which includes the board members and the President!

For few seconds, I was like floating… “Will I accept it?” “Can I do it?” Taking into consideration that I have an upcoming out of town trip the following week, I was quite hesitant to accept it. However, I want to accept the challenge to push myself more… to do better… Then I remembered that I have few days off from work because of the Papal visit in Manila. I made a computation in mind. I can do it… I will do it!

After the designs were approved by the head of the Corporate Communications Department, I started cutting… cutting… and cutting…


What is really nice and challenging about this art is that each piece should be made with love. One mistake means starting all over again.

Another challenge is looking for frames. I thought frames are readily available in the malls but during the time that I needed to buy in bulk, most of the malls have not re-stocked their frames since the Christmas season. Hence, most of the malls only have 5-8 pieces of the same frames.

After going around 9 malls, I finally found a store who could provide me with the frames! Hurray!!!

third first

I wrapped each frames with Kraft paper and put a yarn around it.


I was informed that the delegates liked it! That made me so happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Below is one of my paper cutting designs that was posted in instagram by the recipient…

1013647_10152742771028763_1933368471919835385_nThis is the first time that I accepted this kind of commissioned work. It pushed me to achieve more beyond my expectations. Most of all, it helped me hone my papercutting skills. ๐Ÿ™‚

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