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Last Sunday, I experienced a slice of Singapore. My Singapore Food Street which is located at SM Megamall, allows you to savor Singapore and discover its flavorsome culture without going out of the country.


We were welcomed by the beautiful and approachable Ms. Vivien Tan. She immediately made us feel comfortable. The face that graced numerous magazines such as Marie Claire, Metro, Posh, etc. is now rocking the world of restaurant industry.

with Ms. Vivien Tan

with Ms. Vivien Tan


One of the things that I like about this restaurant is that the customers could  see what is going on inside the kitchen.The kitchen staff seemed like to be under a surveillance camera. No matter how intimidating the situation they are in (imagine cooking while all eyes are on you!), they are facing it with grace and confidence! Let me also mention that the staff are professional and very pleasant!


They taught us how to cook some Singaporean dishes that they are serving! Oh yeah! I realized that My Singapore Food Street is not a fast food restaurant because they cook the food as you order. Hence, you are sure that your food will be served fresh! Yes! The meals were not pre-prepared! Plus, they don’t use MSG. They prepare their sauces from scratch and they import some of their ingredients straight from Singapore! WOW! (Calling all health conscious out there!)

Upon looking at the cost of each meal, I could not help but ask, “With the quality of the dishes that they are serving, why are they offering it at a very reasonable price?” Emman, the restaurant manager explained that though the restaurant is “fast-casual” (meaning the food is cooked and served fresh in a matter of minutes), they do “universal service”. When I asked “universal what?”, Emman just smiled and explained that customers are expected to queue to order their food, get their own utensils, and refill their own water. In so doing, they eliminate the cost for additional manpower hence, they can offer their quality meals at a reasonable price! (Fair enough!)

Now back to the kitchen…

Martin, Carmel, and Fren in action :)

Martin, Carmel, and Fren in action 🙂

Emman doing some coffee pulling! You should also try their coffee! It is delicious!

Emman doing some coffee pulling! You should also try their coffee! It is delicious!

It is evident that we enjoyed it so much! Aside from the fact that the food is delicious, let me add that their kitchen is clean!


 All with HAPPY smiles after after the “My Singapore Food Street” experience!

Now, you might ask, why are they called “My Singapore Food Street”? It is because customers can customize their own Singaporean meal depending on their taste, dietary needs and restrictions. If you are a vegetarian/vegan they can cook vegetarian/vegan dishes for you. If you have allergies in some food, they will cook a specific dish specially for you! This is a BIG PLUS FACTOR for me because I don’t eat pork and shell fish. I haven’t seen a Singaporean Restaurant who is willing to go the extra mile to serve those special needs!

Let me entice you be showing some of the food that My Singapore Food Street offers. Don’t worry, I want to share the experience with you! Yes YOU!!! Scroll down for the BIG SURPRISE!

So far, my favorites are Hainanese Chicken, Black Pepper Beef Rice, Satay Chicken, and of course, their very delicious Hainanese Rice.

Now, let us browse through their drinks and desserts!

  • Bandung


I’m GIVING AWAY Php1,000.00 worth of gift certificates of My Singapore Food Street to one lucky reader!

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5. Submission of entries will be until May 31, 2015. The winner will be notified via email on June 7, 2015.


2nd floor, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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