Unboxing: April 2015 BDJ Box – Spring into Beauty

I received my BDJ April 2015 box last Monday. However, since I am at work and I already arrived late these past few days, I did not have the time to take pictures of the unboxing process. Of course it is easy to just snap some photos here and there and post a short note with all the pictures. However, I promised myself that I will do my best not to succumb to blogging mediocrity. (Naks!)

The theme for this month’s box is “Spring into Beauty”. As what the BDJ Team says, “Do not let anything stop you from being radiantly glowing!” I don’t know if you feel the same way but for me, a healthy, supple and glowing skin is a lot better than a full-blown make-up! The more naturally healthy the person looks, the better. However, we should not forget that real beautiful woman possesses the right CHARACTER and ATTITUDE.


I appreciate that most of the content of this month’s box is for bath and pampering. We are having a super hot and humid summer! ANG INIT TALAGA!!! Having a nice bath is such a delight! I’m excited to try some of these stuff!

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Join me as I go through the contents of the April 2015 BDJ Box.

MyChoice Pure Herbal Soap, 100g (Php55.00)

Herbal SoapIf you need your soap to be a natural cleanser, exfoliator or a moisturizer, there is bound to be a MyChoice Pure Herbal soap for you. Comes in 6 variants that all has special properties suited for different skin needs. Contains natural ingredients that will help your skin in repairing damage, solving wrinkles and acnes, moisturizing from deep within, refreshing naturally, protecting against damage and a whole lot more. Use all over the body day and night for better results.

I love how pretty this soap is! It looks and smells yummy! I will definitely use it!

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask, 18ml (Php198.00)

foot maskGive your feet some TLC and get the confidence to show them off with the Intense Care Snail Foot Mask. It is a special foot mask to supply full of moisture and nutrition to dry skin. It contains snail slime extract which is known for stimulating collagen formation and moisturizing properties. Its unique formula speeds up the skin’s renewal process allowing the outer skin to mature and peel away – painlessly – giving way to new skin.

I’ve been itching to go to the salon and have a foot spa. However, based on experience, I do not like how thin my feet feel after a foot spa. (Halatang makapal ang kalyo). There are times, when I find it quite painful to walk after having a foot spa. Maybe Tony Moly Intense Care Foot Mask is the answer to my dilemma! I am excited to try it!

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub, 100g (Php120.00)

Facial ScrubThis Javanese Princesses inspired scrub delicately removes your dead skin cells, leaving your skin supple and smooth. The lulur beads gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and black heads to smoothen and give skin a fairer, whiter and radiant glow.

I easily got breakouts on my face. Actually last month, I tried using a new facial wash, moisturizer, and serum and after a day or two, I woke up with acne on my face! Sigh! Since then, I am only using facial products prescribed by my Dermatologist, I’ll just give this to somebody else.

 Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub, 20ml (Php15.00×6 = Php90.00)

lulu body scrubFeel refreshed and revitalized this summer! Include on your shower ritual for a more relaxing and gratifying bath time. Gently exfoliate two to three times a week to wash away dead skin cells and reveal a fairer skin.

I bought a big container of this body scrub few months ago and so far, I am happy with the result! I’ll use it!

 MyChoice Bubble Shower Salt 2-in-1, 225g (Php100.00)

Bubble ScrubPamper your skin with this newly improved 2-in-1 bath salt with soap that is made from natural ingrediebts which is perfect for all skin types. It comes with five variants leaving you options fitted for your skin needs. May it be moisturizing, rejuvenating, lightening, anti-aging and refreshing need that you are wanting to solve. Use this everyday soap when having your bath and have that overall skin glowing you always wanted.

I love body spa and scrubs! I have not tried using this before but I am definitely willing to give it a try during one of my pampering bath.

Mustela Mustela 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash, 200ml (Php520.00)

This tear-free cleanser for both hair and body is soap-free and specially formulated for the delicate skin of babies and children.

 Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action, 150ml (Php1,750.00)

This product reinforces skin’s elasticity and suppleness and stimulates cell renewal to prevent stretch marks while also moisturizing your skin.

 Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion, 300ml (Php790.00)

This body lotion is designed for the daily care of your baby’s skin. Containing vegetable oils and vitamis E and F.

Mustela already established a good name in the market. Known for it’s hypo-allergenic products, I am happy to find some of these products inside the box!

MyChoice Anti Acne Cream, 20g (Php100.00)

Anti AcneFormulated with multi-functional anti acne ingredients that strengthens its ability to help you be acne free. It also contains AHA and BHA that desquamate acnes gently without causing skin irritation. Daily use allows complete healing but visible result can be seen in just 3 days after application. Head-up, face the world showing off your beautiful flawless face.

I’m sorry but I am not willing to try it on my face. Again, I will give this to somebody else.

 FS Cosmetics Lash Extravagance Mascara, 9g (Php350.00)

mascaraGet big, bold and flirty lashes this summer by sweeping on Lash Extravagance Mascara. The tiny bristles make application easy for both top and bottom part and gives you beautiful lashes to bat. Apply one coat to achieve a defined look. Show luscious curled and dramatic eyes by applying two coats. Apply a third coat to give intense yet extravagant lashes.

I am not really fond of mascaras  nor use it on a daily basis. However, I will keep it in case I’ll need it whenever I attend some events.

 Revlon Highlighting Palette, 7.5g (Php625.00)


Simplify your look this month with something light and fresh! The highlighting paletter gives you an all-over sun kissed glow from day to night. It has complimentary shimmer shades which are easy to blend and enhance the complexion for a radiant sun kissed look. It works well as highlighter, eyeshadow and blush giving you a multi-dimensional sculpted look all rolled into a single useful palette.

Honestly, I don’t know how to use it but I know that eventually, I’ll figure it out. Hahaha! If you are willing to teach me how to use it, I’ll appreciate receiving an email from you. 🙂

MyChoice Perfume Spray, 22ml (Php60.00)

CologneCrush on this new set of fragrances from MyChoice. Made with 15 different scents that is perfect for the kind of mood you want to project in a day or even in your night affairs. This will definitely be the kind of scents you want to speak for you. Finish off your look with a spritz of these enticing scent to be the center of attraction wherever you are! Go on, seize the day and be easily noticed with MyChoice perfume spray.

Tony Moly Luminous Glow Aura CC Cream, 30ml (Php1,098)

It is an all-in-one product that whitens skin, acts as a sunscreen lotion, moisturizes the face and can be used as a make up primer.

This is the bonus item in the box and I am willing to give it a try!

The value of this month’s box is approximately Php2,158. Wow! Thank you BDJ Team for curating this box!

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