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One of the most active posts in my blog is “SKINvesting at LUMINISCE”.

Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce has been taking care of my skin for about a year now. Whenever I encounter skin problems, I would run to her for help and she gets to the root of the skin problem and solve it. She knows the skin anatomy and physiology like the back of her hands! Wow! Her credibility as skilled and well-loved Dermatologist has already been established. One of the many things that I admire about Dr. Kaycee is that she never gets tired to learn. She continues to study and learn to improve her craft. True to her mantra, she definitely promotes “Holistic Skin Innovations”.

When Luminisce Sunblock was launched earlier this year, I told myself, “I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!!!”

LuminisceWhen I got my hand on it!!! I was more than GIDDY!!! *giggles!* Yahoooo!!! Yahoooo!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!

It has been my routine to put on moisturizer and sunblock after taking a bath in the morning. Today was not an exemption. I was currently out of town for work and it was searing hot outside.    When I got back to my hotel room, I went directly to the bathroom to freshen up. After taking a bath, as I was putting on lotion on my arms, I noticed something… (dun-dun-dun-dunnnn!!!) SUNBURN!!! I was quite confused at first… Why??? WHAT?! HOW COME?!


an unedited photo of my sunburnt arm… huhuhu! 🙁

I did not swim in the beach!!! I was just inside the vehicle! Based on the sunburn mark, you could say that I was even crossing my arm! I could not swim with my arms crossed! Duh! Hay naku!!!

After realizing what happened, I nervously rushed to the mirror to check on my face – expecting to see how the sun damaged my face. As I stare at my reflection, I was surprised! My face was not affected at all! Here is an UNEDITED photo of my face taken few seconds after I took a picture of my arms.


See my bare face? My hair is still wet after taking a bath. I have not applied anything on my face yet. Neither moisturizer nor sunblock. It is BARE…

Then I remembered that I applied Luminisce sunblock on my face before I left the hotel earlier! (Buti nalang!) Now, this is a living proof how effective Luminisce Sunblock is!

Luminisce Sunblock… I LOVE YOU!!!

with flowersI like how handy this sunblock is. I carry it in my bag wherever I go. Since I don’t like to wait for my luggage to pop up from the baggage conveyor, I try my best to travel light and settle with my carry-on luggage. Unlike before when I pump sunblock to a smaller container so I’ll be allowed to bring it with me in the plane, Luminisce sunblock passed the scrutiny of airport personnel who checked every detail inside my carry-on luggage.

Another thing that I like about this sunblock is the pump.


It gives you enough sunblock on each pump. Since you don’t use your fingers to draw sunblock inside the container, it prevents contamination – making your sunblock remain fresh!


Aside from the fact that said sunblock is SPF 50, I like that it has a creamy consistency.Glides

See how it easily glides and blends on the skin?

I tried other sunblocks before and I don’t like how greasy my face looks and feels. It is like a “shiny shimmering splendid” because it is so runny and oily! Luminisce sunblock gives my face a matte finish. It is like a BB Cream! I don’t even apply powder afterwards. I also like that it feels light and refreshing on the face.

With these wonderful perks that comes with this handy sunblock plus I know how effective it is, LUMINISCE SUNBLOCK is a sure WIN!

Luminisce Sunblock is available at Luminisce, 2nd Floor, Mercury Drug Building, 32nd St. 4th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

If you are not near the area, you may call 02-5118500 or viber/text 09159794661 if you want the sunblock to be shipped in your area.

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