Planner Chronicles: May 2015

Hello May!!! I know I was quite late for my Planner Chronicles which started last month (check out the Planner Chronicles for April). I was quite busy during the last week of April and the first week of May. I was not able to find the time to take some pictures of my planner before writing on it. So bear with my handwriting on my planner’s May pages.

For the month of May, I used colored paper, decorative punchers, Sakura Waterproof Micron pens, and glue to decorate my planner.

materialsThe colored papers, glue, and decorative punchers were bought from National Bookstore (one of my favorite hang-outs). The Sakura Micron pens were bought online, while the alphabet punchers were from Caboodle Box.

I did a lot of punching, cutting and pasting for this design. I preferred using Elmer’s Glue Stick to prevent the paper from crumpling. I also applied gesso on the surface to act as a primer before decorating it.

first page

Since this is the month of “May”, I tried to figure out how to use “May” in a sentence! Hahaha! Lusot! May this be a wonderful month!

second page third page

So what do you think of my May 2015 Planner design?

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