Make it Blissful with FujiFilm Event

IMG_0634If there is something that I do not get tired of doing, that is learning more about the things that I love doing (e.g. blogging and photography). Hence, when Martine invited me to the Make it BlissfulFujifilm Philippines blogging and photography workshop, I was so happy and excited!

IMG_0611Said event was held in J Cuppcakes at SM Jazz. The venue itself is instagram-worthy! It was an afternoon filled with blissful people, pretty things, and learning. I also met new friends and blissmakers!

IMG_0614IMG_0615IMG_0619 IMG_0626Martine started the discussion by sharing her struggles and learnings as she traverse the path of mommyhood, being a work-at-home mom, being a blogger, speaker, blog coach, (and a lot more…) I really admire how Martine could wear many hats without compromising her role as a wife and a mother. WOW!


As you can see, she carries her adorable daughter while giving a lecture. That does not make her less of a speaker. Rather, she empowered a lot of woman to embrace our God-given role as a woman, as a wife, and as a mother.


During the lecture part, Martine discussed the different tips and tricks on how to capture beautiful photos. I’m glad she shared it with us because I always wonder how she achieves those clean, bright and meaningful photos.

During the workshop, we were allowed to use the different Fujifilm Cameras to practice the things that we learned! The Fujifilm X-A2 is something worth saving for! Oh, if only I could take it home… Such a lovely, user-friendly and powerful camera!


We did not have a hard time snapping photos because aside from the user-friendly Fujifilm cameras that we are using, Bouqueria Lifestyle Market, the event stylist, also helped us styled our subjects. 🙂


Marilen Montenegro of taking her shot

IMG_0630 IMG_0632


Love Ocampo of


IMG_0645 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0655

Aside from the new things that we learned and new friends that we met, we brought home these goodies from the sponsors.


The felt tote bag is from Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage. Paper Products from Craftsmith Living, Camera Lace from Fujifilm Ph, and teacup from Bouqueria Lifestyle Market. Thank you so much!

How about you? Do you have some blogging and photography tips that you could share? I would appreciate if you could share it with us at the comment below.


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