I’ve been hearing about this 10-hectar zoo-farm called “Paradizoo” for quite sometime already. That’s why, I was so happy when I had the opportunity to visit it. The trip to Paradizoo is quite therapeutic for me because it is like escaping the hustle and bustle of the Metro.

You would have an idea that you are near because you will see this huge signage.

Paradizoo one

Upon entering, you will notice the beauty of the greenery! I also noticed these cute pots! How artistic!

Creative Pots

Even their cafe is nature-inspired!

Paradizoo CafeOne of the staff will explain the vicinity map. After which, you have the liberty to explore the area at your own pace. Be sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes because you will do a lot of walking. Believe me… there will be a LOT of WALKING… 🙂

As you explore the area, you will come across a lot of animals. Some are in the cage while others as just freely walking with you.

Braise yourselves because this will be a picture heavy post. 🙂 Enjoy!

camel and donkeys

There are camels and donkeys. You could ride the camel with a fee of Php100.00


This little village of guinea pigs is just so cute!

donkey goat Ostrich sheepAfter saying hello to the animals we went to the flower garden.

flower garden

In this area, you could enjoy the beauty of nature. You could also buy some plants here.

flowers little flowers white flowersnow whiteWe also passed by the pet cemetery.

Pet Cemetery

Then we went to the butterfly garden and saw these beautiful creatures!

ButterfliesAfter which, we went to the bee farm.

beesBee Quotes

In this area, they extract the honey using centrifugal force hence, preserving the integrity and freshness of raw honey. I also bought few bottles of honey.

storehoneyThey also have a vegetable garden but we decided to skip it because it was so hot already. Nonetheless, I was so happy that I was able to explore the place!

I'm happy! Isn't it obvious? Hahaha!

I’m happy! Isn’t it obvious? Hahaha!

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