Community-building and Bliss-making at Blissmakerie 2015


Finding inspiration, making meaningful conversation, and bliss-making – these are some of the words that I could think of as I look back at Blissmakerie 2015.

The Blissmakerie started last December 2014 during a gathering that Martine de Luna held for her friends, collaborators, and blog coaching students. The first Blissmakerie event had a huge impact to the blogging community here in the Philippines because it promotes inspiring conversation, collaboration over competition and bliss-making.

Martine has a vision of building an intention-based community of like-minded women who share their passion of following their respective bliss. Thus, for the second Blissmakerie gathering, Martine, together with her collaborators, opened 15 slots to the public.

It is such an honor to be one of Martine’s collaborators for Blissmakerie 2015! (Thank you Marts!) Of course, the team would not be complete without Carmel and Rikka 🙂

Blissmakerie 2015

(from left to right) April (our guest speaker), Carmel, Audrey, Rikka, and Martine

Blissmakerie 2015

(from left to right) seated are Margaux, Tita Grace, and Lala; standing are Martine, April, Carmel, Audrey, and Rikka

The first public Blissmakerie was held last September 13, 2015 at Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe. We are grateful to our gracious hosts (Tita Grace, Margaux, and Lala) for welcoming us in your beautiful garden cafe.

Mateo's Restaurant and Cafe prepared a delicious array of snacks for all of us!

Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe prepared a delicious array of snacks for all of us!

Juice Hut Manila provided Bliss Milks for everyone to enjoy! Thank you Mia!!!

Blissmakerie 2015

The beautiful styling was done by our friends from Sweet Street Manila. They added charm, elegance, and bliss to the venue.


The beautiful wired centerpiece was handmade by Anrea of Paper Pliers

Blissmakerie 2015Blissmakerie 2015

The beautiful venue was filled with warmth and laughter as the ladies arrived. We started the gathering with Martine sharing how she pursued her bliss. It is inspiring to see how she started the ripple effect that Make it Blissful community is doing!

Tita Grace shared the humble beginnings of Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe. She narrated how she pursued her dream of building a restaurant that serves delicious food.

As we shared the food prepared by Mateo’s, the ladies made the most of the time by talking with one another. Although most of them do not know one another, there was an instant bond that was created!

Blissmakerie 2015

Rikka, Audrey, Carmel, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Kaycee Lim (she is the one responsible in making the four of us beautiful for the event)

Blissmakerie 2015Blissmakerie 2015

After a hearty snacks, April San Pedro, the lady who stirred the Arts and Crafts community in Davao, shared her journey towards finding her bliss. You could feel her passion towards life as she narrated how she turned a difficult and depressing situation into something that would stir her to pursue her passion and her dreams.

Blissmakerie 2015

After April’s talk, groupings were formed where the assigned conversation leaders started sharing their own stories on how they followed their bliss. Then each of the participants shared their inspiring stories to their respective groups.

After the sharing part, Craft Carrot gifted us with black notebooks and Zig calligraphy chalk pens so we could write down a word or a phrase that would remind us of this wonderful afternoon.


Here’s mine:

BlissmakerieBlissmakerie 2015

Then one of the most awaited part is the giving of the Blissful Boxes 🙂

Blissful Box

Martine, Carmel, Rikka and I personally curated each of the items inside the box. We wanted to provide premium products from homegrown brands to our participants. Something that we know will be useful and would make the recipients happy. It is truly a labor of love! We are hands-on from choosing the brands to be included in the Blissful Box to putting the items in each boxes. That is how we love this gathering!

Blissmakerie 2015

Blissful BoxBlissful BoxBlissmakerie 2015

Here is the unboxing photo of Nica Cosio

Here is the unboxing photo of Nica Cosio

We would like to thank the Blissful Box Sponsors. Thank you for generously sharing your wonderful products with us! Your products made us happy and giddy!

Niqua Shop  Girl Stuff Forever  Paper Pliers  Lulu Swing   Urban Ashram Yoga   TwoThirtySixty  A Vanilla Story   Philosophy   Elin Philippines

To our Raffle Sponsors, thank you for making all of the attendees happy! Yes, we had an everybody wins raffle!

Luminisce Skin and Laser Center   Kaycee Lim Make-up  Blessing by Fad Wanderskye    Zenutrients  Hey Jow  Nicole Ortega Agoda Craft Carrot Philosophy

To our lovely Media Partners, thank you so much for your support!

Cat Juan-Ledesma    Rhiza Sanchez-Oyos    Nica Cosio    Alexis Ventura of Ink Scribbler    Tina Rodriguez

Blissmakerie 2015

We ended the day with smiles in our hearts and new found friends in our small yet happy community. May this be a start of more wonderful gatherings.

Life is not perfect but as what the tagline of Make it Blissful says, we need to delight in an imperfect, inspired life. Life is not an easy journey, there are obstacles along the way. However, what matters is how we see life as a whole – let us try to see the big picture. There are silver-linings that would remind us of the beauty of life. Making bliss is a frame of mind. Let us continue strive to make our life blissful at the same time, let us share our bliss to inspire others.

4 Comments on Community-building and Bliss-making at Blissmakerie 2015

  1. Patty | MrsC
    October 19, 2015 at 2:37 am (6 years ago)

    Everything looks so pretty!! Congrats to your entire team on this successful event! 🙂

    • cheerfuljourney
      November 1, 2015 at 1:23 pm (6 years ago)

      Thank you so much Patty! It was nice meeting you during the Hallmark event! 🙂

  2. Camille
    October 26, 2015 at 5:06 am (6 years ago)

    Hi Audrey! Congratulations! I had a gread time at blissmakerie.

    • cheerfuljourney
      November 1, 2015 at 1:24 pm (6 years ago)

      Glad to know that you had a great time at Blissmakerie! Thank you for coming… I also had a great time attending your class! 🙂


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