Bespoke your NiQua


Bespoke your NiQuaDIY and personalized items have become in demand these days. Receiving personalized or DIY items means something special.

When Bunnie, the owner of NiQua, invited me to Bespoke my own NiQua Envelope Clutch, I became so happy!

NiQua is a local brand that produces quality leather goods. You may check their products online (click here).

During the “Bespoke your NiQua” event at Century City Mall, participants were provided with all the materials that were needed to make your own Niqua Envelope Clutch. You will choose the design of your clutch and the colors of the leather that you will use.

DIY leather clutch

They have their artisans around to guide the participants. Above is the photo of the materials that I used: pre-cut leathers, thread, needle, and scissors. I was so excited to do it! 🙂


Karen was around to help the participants throughout the activity. She guided me on the things that I needed to do.

You need patience in doing this project but there is a great sense of fulfilment once you finished your own clutch. It was not as difficult as I thought.

IMG_1483This activity is also a nice bonding time! IMG_1481

Yes, I'm that serious while sewing my NiQua clutch!

Yes, I’m that serious while sewing my NiQua clutch!

Bespoke your NiQuaAfter almost an hour, I was able to finish sewing my clutch. Now, it’s time to monogram it with my name!!!

Meet Rose! She was the one who monogrammed my NiQua clutch... :)


Meet Rose! She was the one who monogrammed my NiQua clutch… 🙂

While waiting for my clutch to be monogrammed, I check out some of the display in the shop.

IMG_1496 IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1502

Now, let me show you the finish product… Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting, the NiQua Envelope that I made… (*insert drum roll*)

Bespoke your NiQua

At that moment, I want to put it in a frame and just look at it… Wow! I’m so happy I was able to bespoke my own clutch!

with Bunnie, the inspiring owner of NiQua

with Bunnie, the inspiring owner of NiQua

NiQua will have more pop-up stores like this! Be sure to follow them in instagram (@niquashop) to receive the latest updates on their pop-up stores and activity schedules.

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