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IMG_8997I always enjoy gift wrapping. For me, it is more than just ‘covering the gift”. Rather, it is the process of making the gift more special. I’ve been inlove with papers for years! I’ve been collecting stationeries since I was seven (7) years old. 🙂 Now, I added notebooks, gift wrappers, envelopes and a whole caboodle of beautiful papers in my stash. Oh yes, I’m the “Paper Woman”! Hahaha!

With that introduction in mind, just imagine my delight when Maricel of A Sweet Cottage invited me to an exclusive event with Hallmark Philippines , For few seconds I was just staring at my laptop’s screen – this is a dream come true! Hahaha! Forgive my ‘kababawan’ but I really look up to both brands! Check out the website of A Sweet Cottage to understand what I am talking about. It is just a haven of beautiful and dainty things! On the other hand, who does not know Hallmark? This strong brand has been around for years and years and years and years. It is actually my paper-brand crush because of the paper quality that it produces.

HallmarkFor this event, Hallmark launched their mix and match gift wrappers and gift wrapping accessories. The event was held at Commune Cafe. Oh, they have delicious coffee! I had 2 cups just for that afternoon!


It was Maricel who styled the event! I admire how talented she is! She also gave a quick lecture about gift wrapping.

IMG_1436 IMG_1458

Then we were asked to do some gift wrapping ourselves using the gift wrapping buffet that Hallmark prepared for us!

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)unnamed (3)

Oh, this is like a play house for me! There were a lot of gift wrappers to choose from! Hallmark now offers gift tags and gift wrapping accessories! That’s why you just need to ‘mix and match’! Hallmark’s Mix and Match is now available this November 2015 to make your gift wrapping duties more enjoyable and extra special!

The ladies be hind this beautiful event!

The ladies be hind this beautiful event!

The beautiful and talented Ms. Maricel

The beautiful and talented Ms. Maricel

With Hallmark, a simple gift can be turned into something extraordinary. Surprise your family and friends with beautifully-wrapped gifts through Hallmark Mix and Match.



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