Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Haul

I admit that I am a hoarder of arts and crafts materials. Aside from blogging, reading, eating, (etc. etc. etc.), I love doing arts and crafts whenever I have the time. It has a therapeutic effect on me. Arts and crafts (A&C) is quite addicting. You will always see arts and crafts supplies that you need. In my case, buying A&C materials is some sort of a way to reward myself.

During our recent trip to Hong Kong, I made sure that visiting Arts and Crafts Stores is included in our itinerary. I’m so happy that we were able to visit three (3) craft stores. I’m like a child in a huge toy store!

Let me share with you my Hong Kong arts and crafts supplies haul! 🙂

Pens and Nib holder

Pens and nib holder

I love collecting pens! Haaay… Just looking at them makes me smile! My fascination with pens started when I was still in elementary grade – yes even before I was allowed to use a pen to write on my notebook. I remember carrying “black, red and blue pens” in my pencil case and using them during recess. That time, I can’t wait to be in grade four (4) so I could finally use my pens in school! I started with Panda pens (the one with glitters and scent)! Hahaha! For those of you who are nodding, (high five!) I know your age! 🙂 Hahahaha!

Since then, my fascination with pens grew. Since I love to write, I am quite choosy with pens. The ink should be nice and it should easily glide on the paper as I write. Then, I started collecting unique and nice-looking pens!

As to the nib holder, I’ve been practicing calligraphy for quite some time now. I’ve been using the usual black nib holders. When I saw this holder, I can’t put it down! It is so pretty!

Notepads Notepads

These Kikki.k notepads caught my attention when I entered their store in Harbour City. This A5 to-do list pad is just pretty! I can feel that even if I have a lot of things to do, if I write and read it on this puhreeety pad, I’m sure that I won’t feel stressed out.

This monogram notepad in white and gold is equally beautiful! Of course I got the letter ‘A’. Why? Because ‘A’ is for “Adorable Audrey”, “Amiable Audrey”, “Awesome Audrey”. Hahaha! Forgive this giddy girl, I’m just happy!

Sketch Books Sketch books

I’m glad that I found this A5 size sketch book at CN Square. These are hardbound, spiral bound, and the paper is 110 gsm! My eyes grew big when I found out that these sketch books are ON SALE! I want to buy more but since I don’t want to pay for extra baggage, I disciplined myself.

Notebooks Notebooks

Aside from ballpens, I also collect notebooks! I discovered most of the notebooks above by accident. Since it was sooooo cold at The Peak, we decided to check the mall first as we warm ourselves. Surprise! I saw these four (4) notebooks on sale! Yay!

On the other hand, the small white Moleskine notebook (at the lower middle part of the photo) was bought in one of the bookstores at the Hongkong Airport.

A Sentence a Day Journal Kikki.k

I got this ‘a sentence a day journal’ from Kikki.k store. This cute journal provides daily prompts to be answered for the next two years. I can’t wait to start writing a sentence a day in this journal! 🙂

Coloring Materials Coloring materials

It is quite difficult to go out of a craft store without buying some coloring materials. I had a hard time looking for gelatos here in the Philippines that is why I’m glad when I found it at CN Square. Since it is quite pricey, I just bought one set.

I also bought a set of Faber-Castell Paints. I am into watercoloring but it would also be nice to try other types of paints. 🙂

Erasers erasers

A nice and reliable eraser is every important in doing arts and crafts. I don’t want to see the pencil lines that I used to draft a certain art. Glad that I was able to find these erasers. 🙂  The Kneadable art erasers above are for charcoal, pencil and pastel works. 🙂

Craft Punches decorative punchers

These craft punches will add to my collection of punches for card-making, journaling, and scrapbooking! 🙂 Oh, the things that you can do with paper!

That concludes my Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Supplies Haul!

Craft Haul

What do you think of these arts and crafts materials?

Do you have suggestions where to find other craft materials?

2 Comments on Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Haul

  1. larissa mae tan
    January 26, 2016 at 11:23 am (6 years ago)

    we love the same things! 😀 pens, notepads, notebooks are love, love, love! 😀

    • cheerfuljourney
      February 1, 2016 at 1:29 am (6 years ago)

      Ohhh… Hello Larissa! Good to know that I am not alone with this hobby! Hahaha! Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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