The Honest Crop

The Honest Crop

I love eating snacks. For me, a day with no snacks is incomplete! I’m glad that I learned about The Honest Crop  late last year. They provide healthy alternatives that we could all enjoy! Before I proceed on raving about the options that we have, let me share with you the inspiring story behind The Honest Crop.

The Honest Crop was started by 2 colleagues who had the desire to support organic natural farmers in the country and pursue a healthy active lifestyle. They started selling fresh produce from small-scale farmers direct to the market in Makati in the latter months of year 2012. However, due to the inconsistency in quality and supplies from small-scale farmers, the delicate handling needed by fresh produce, the project ended 1st quarter of 2013. Their desire did not end though as both founders continue to explore other ways to fulfill this dream. One started a farm and farm-to-table restaurant in Davao while the other one revived The Honest Crop with a new partner last June 2015, with a new product line that is convenient for everyone’s storage and consumption.

As the founders continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle, they realized that healthier options are not widely available, not convenient to consume and often beyond their budget. With this frustration, they decided to look for healthier options and determine the best way to have it at a convenient and affordable way. They know that the ideal healthy state is to moderately eat unprocessed organic food but in reality, it’s not an easy switch due to misinformation, cost, availability and convenience.

They currently source locally healthy crops and turn it into chips, as it is one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to take in good food.

The Honest Crop wants to help everyone choose the healthier option by making healthier food options available, affordable and enjoyable. The Honest Crop achieves this by

  • selling healthier options online (order and meet-up or delivery) and through our partner stores (making it available)
  • accepting advance orders and schedule production for efficient use of resources (lowering down cost)
  • promoting via social media with individuals who loves good food and advocate choosing healthier options (increasing demand and thus lowering down cost)
  • continuously seeking healthier options and improving our main products (to make it enjoyable to consume)

Check on the photos below to know that products that I ordered from them. I just order then they deliver the products in my office – very convenient!

Vegetable Chips

This vegetable chips are from real vegetables! Mind you… when I say real, I didn’t mean in a powder form. They used the literal vegetables!

IMG_2261This comes in a resealable pack so you could maintain the freshness of the chips. 🙂


They also have Taro and Cassava chips in different flavors! They also used real taro and cassava for these snacks!

IMG_2241 IMG_2252

They also offer coconut sugar at an affordable price!


Last but not the least, I also ordered some cocoa blocks for my hot chocolate and champorado cravings!


What do you think of my healthy stash? How about you?

What do you do to live a healthier lifestyle?



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