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Hot Star Macapagal

Before you roll your eyes after reading the title of this post, please… give me a chance to explain! I know, I know… I already told you that I will try to adopt healthy living. However, there are times when you can’t avoid eating out or buying from fast food. Well, fast food should not mean eating bad because we have a choice! Oh, did I get your attention there? Yes, you can choose to eat in fast food chains that cook real food.

Hot star outside

Hot Star is the number 1 chicken shop in Taiwan. It is also the creator of the ‘larger than your face’ fried chicken. Want to check? Let’s compare it to my face?


Indeed! It is bigger than my head!

What I like about Hot Star fried chicken is that it is freshly cooked! They will fry it as soon as you order it. I am very fortunate to be invited at Hot Star the day they released their new items in the menu!

Want to know what the new items are? Continue reading…

Just check out what we ordered 🙂

Hotstar galoreYes, you are seeing it correctly! Hot Star already has a number of flavors to choose from! Let me explain.

Hot Star Chicken

First, you need to choose your base – original large chicken, crispy large chicken, or crispy large fish. The chicken and fish are marinated with special sauce to ensure a succulent, juicy and crispy experience from first bite down to the last.

After choosing your base, you need to decide what flavor you want. There are five (5) flavors to choose from – Salt and Pepper, Chili Pepper, Barbeque, Sweet and Sour, and Red Hot. Want to know my favorite combination? It’s Crispy Large Chicken with Chili Pepper Flavor! Yummy!

Torched ChickenThen the sauce was torched to make sure that the flavor is infused in the chicken! Now I want to have my own torch at home! Hahaha!

Orders at Hot Star

Fish, Original Chicken and Crispy Chicken

Hot Star OrderHot Star will not only serve you delicious and freshly cooked chicken – they will serve it to you with a smile! I remember that my Lola once told me that the food will taste a lot better if the one cooking it is happy. I think that is true because the persons who are cooking at the kitchen of Hot Star are a bunch of happy individuals! I know! I had the opportunity to watch them in the kitchen!

Fish, Original Chicken and Crispy Chicken

Fish, Original Chicken and Crispy Chicken

I don’t know with you but to be honest, I could not finish the entire chicken because it is really big! If you are on a budget, you could share it with your companion then just buy extra rice! Galing! Tipid mode… For Php145.00, the chicken is already good for two or three persons!

If you don’t want to order the large chicken and fish, you still have more options to choose from. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Chicken Cut-ups Sides Snacks

A lot of food to choose from! You might want to check out what we ordered.

Sticky RiceThe sticky rice is really flavorful!

BurgerOh, you have to taste their burger! Aside from the  yummy chicken/fish patty, they have their special sauce that makes the burger really delicious!  The FRIES! Oh, the fries! It’s also bursting with flavor! Chicken and Spaghetti

Aside from the flavorful chicken, the spaghetti tastes authentic! When I tasted it, I know that they used real tomato sauce!

Hot Star DrinksFor the drinks, you could choose between black gulaman and almond. However, if you want to get the best of both worlds, then you can ask them to combine it!

Hot star drinks mixed

This drink tastes good! Yum!

You all know that I would always end the meal with a nice dessert. What is nicer than having yummy dessert for free! Yes, you read it right, FREE! For the entire month of February 2016, Hot Star will give you a soft serve (ice cream) for FREE if you would show them an instagram pic that you uploaded comparing the Hot Star chicken into something else. In my case, I compared it to my face!



Have you tried the new menu of Hot Star?

What do you think? Let me know!



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