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One of the most common causes of sagging skin is aging. As we age, we lose the collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are our skin’s connective tissue that make our skin look soft, youthful and plump. As we age, our facial muscles also weaken which adds to the reason why sagging skin occurs.

I used to take my skin for granted until recently. The skin problem that I had last 2014  was a blessing in disguise. It acted as a wake-up call for me to take better care of my skin. It was also around that time when I met my beautiful Dermatologist who eventually turned to a dear friend, Dr. Kaycee Reyes.

Dr. Kaycee Reyes

Dr. Kaycee Reyes

Isn’t she beautiful? Honestly, when choosing a Dermatologist, I believe that the appearance of the doctor counts a lot. It might sound superficial but try to consider this reasoning: “The way the Dermatologist looks has something to say on how she is taking care of her skin which eventually would give you an idea how she would take care of your skin.” 

Dr. Kaycee is more than just a pretty face. She is beauty with substance! She completed her Diploma in Dermatology and Master of Science in Clinical Dermatology in London. Aside from her top caliber credentials, she continues to attend international conferences to further widen her knowledge and skills towards treating diversified skin cases.

Dr. Kaycee is a Dermatologist with a heart. If there is a competition for Miss Dermatologist Universe, for sure, Dr. Kaycee is already the reigning beauty queen. Aside from providing top of the line treatments, she also educates her patients about how to take care of the skin. That is why, her patients are called SKINVESTORS! Yes, we are all investing as we take good care of our skin. For Dr. Kaycee, everybody is a VIP that is why she provides tailor-fit and individualized approach to each of her patients. The moment you step into the Luminisce clinic, you can be assured that you will get the best treatment that you deserve.


Dr. Kaycee practices holistic skincare innovation. That explains why she and her skinvestors look naturally beautiful. She understands the anatomy and physiology of the skin like the back of her hand. If her skinvestors encounter a skin problem, she will go to the root cause of the skin problem. She works on treating the cause of the problem rather than banking on treating the effect.

Dr. Kaycee continuous to update herself and the clinic with the latest trends and innovation with holistic skincare. Last week, during my regular Skinvesting with Luminisce visit, I was able to try the latest treatment that they offer. Luminisce once again became the forefront in delivering the latest innovation in skin care technology – being the first in the entire Philippines to offer this service. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, young and young at heart, presenting, (*insert drum roll………..*) the FOTONA 4D!!!


Fotona 4D is the latest technology for non-surgical rejuvenation and facelift. It cures uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and facial sagging. It is the first anti-aging laser treatment that includes a painless and non-surgical approach to stimulate the production of collagen around the mouth, nasolabial area, cheeks, and lower face from the inside-out. Believe it or not, there are no injectables needed, it uses pure wavelength to scientifically stimulate the natural production of collagen. Thus, it naturally treats the skin, making our skin look young, plump and healthy without any downtime! The procedure only lasted for 30 minutes! You can pass by the clinic during lunch break and go back to work right after the treatment!

fotona 4d treatmentAside from those mind-boggling benefits of this treatment, it also has an anti-snore effect. Now, I think I got your attention even more! Hahaha! Yes, you read it right!!! IT HAS AN ANTI-SNORE EFFECT! Even the loudest and deepest room-to-room amplified resounding snore can be cured by this machine!!! That is 100% guaranteed! What are you waiting for? Bring your brothers, sisters, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, lolo or lola – make them look good as you enjoy a good night (and quiet) sleep.

If you are worried that you might look like your cheeks are in your forehead after the treatment, fret no more! It naturally lifts and contours the sagging face making you look NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL.

I don’t have a sagging face but as what Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Since the treatment was made after years of scientific study, I know that it is  harmless as it naturally stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, I tried it myself!

To be honest, I initially thought that it would not show that much physical effect because I don’t snore and I am still young to have a sagging face. But I was wrong!!!

Here are my shots taken right before the procedure and right after the procedure.

Please note that:
  • no make-up, sunscreen, moisturizer was placed on my face on the before and after shots. (Say hello to my bare face!)
  • the same intensity of artificial light was used in both before and after shots
  • no filter and no editing done in both photos

before and after

Can you see the difference just after the first treatment? Here is another shot…

before and after Fotona 4D

I’m happy with the result! As promised, I didn’t feel any downtime after the treatment. I went out of the clinic and proceeded to do my regular tasks.

Fotona 4D

Do you also encounter skin problems?

What do you think of this treatment? Let me know by commenting below!

2 Comments on Fotona 4D in Luminisce

  1. julia
    September 4, 2016 at 5:25 am (5 years ago)

    Hi there! It’s been some time now since your 4D treatment and I would like to ask about the progress of your skin since you got it done. I am looking to do the same but I have read in many places that laser/RF stimulation on younger skin can result in the melting of fat in the face, since these same wavelengths are also used for laser lypolysis. I would very much like to hear about your progress – have you noticed any weight loss in your face, or is your skin visibly firmer, etc? Thank you!

    • cheerfuljourney
      September 27, 2016 at 11:48 am (5 years ago)

      Hello Julia! Sorry for the delayed reply. My face definitely got firmer after the procedure. I am happy with the result. 🙂


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