My Planners for 2017

Just like that, 2016 is almost over and we are about to say hello to 2017. One of the things that I am excited about are the planners that I am about to use for the next year. Oh, happiness! Yes, that is definitely one of my life’s simple joys. I really enjoy writing, designing, planning, organizing and doodling.

For 2017, I will be using three planners – the Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner, Moleskine 18-month Planner and Always be Creating by Abbey Sy.

Planners for 2017

Aren’t they adorable? By the way, I created a video about these planners at the Cheerful Journey Youtube Channel

Now, let us go through these planners. 🙂

Moleskine 18-month Planner

Moleskine 18-month Planner

Since this is an 18-month planner, I am already using this since June 2016 and I plan to continue using it until December 2017. This is a hardbound planner with a leather finish. It is light and handy and I can bring it in my bag on a daily basis. I bought this when they had their pop-up booth in SM Aura last April 2016 and they inscribed my name for free.

Moleskine Planner

I appreciate that it provides ample space for me to write my to-do list for the day. I also like that the ink does not bleed through the paper because I am using sign pen to write in this planner.

Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner

Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner

This is a 12-month Planner that I also called as My Creative Planner. This will serve as my mini-scrap book where I’ll design each page as I organize my to-do list. This is where I also plan to write down the things and experiences that are worth remembering.

Me and My Big Ideas

It provides creative dividers for each month. I love the color palette of this planner. It tickles my creativity! It makes me happy!

MAMBI Monthly View

It provides a monthly view of each month where I plan to write the events that I want to remember so I can have an overview of it as I plan each month.

MAMBI Daily View

It also provides spacious daily view for each week. This is the part that I decorate with washi tapes and stickers. 🙂 The side note is also helpful. That is where I plan to put quotes that would inspire me to stay positive as I go through each day of the week.

Always Be Creating

Always be Creating

I love doing arts and crafts. However, in 2016, this passion was somehow placed at the back seat – something that I don’t want to happen again. So, I bought this Creative Planner (actually it is more of a journal than a planner).

Abbey Sy

This is proudly Philippine made by none other than the very creative – Abbey Sy! Have you seen her creations? If not yet, then you have to check it!

Creative Journal

Each page was put together using coptic stitch. Hence, I’m sure that this will be sturdy enough to last for years. I don’t like it when the pages of my notebook easily fall apart. The cover was also hard bound and I like the kraft-paper inspired look! It is also small enough to be brought on a daily basis so when inspiration strikes, I can easily use it.

d c

It is also endowed with doodles, quotes and even drawings that can excite your imagination and can also serve as a creative inspiration.

Creative Journal

The paper is thick enough so the colors and inks won’t bleed through the other side. With this on hand, I think I could rekindle my artsy side on a daily basis.

planners for 2017

So those are the planners that I will be using for 2017.

I am sure that I am not the only one who love planners. I would like to know the planners that you will use for 2017. Please don’t hesitate to share it at the comment section down below.

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