The Power of Encouragement

It has been more than a year since I last posted on this blog. The truth is, I have lost my drive and my motivation to blog. Aside from the reason that I discussed on my other post, I also felt bad that my blog site looked terrible. I lost all the photos on my categories and thumbnails. The instagram feed on my site was also frozen. I reached out to some people via email but they did not bother to reply. Since I paid for the photos and designs, I felt bad that my hard-earned money went down the drain. Hence, weeks of not posting, turned into months, and eventually, before I realize it, it has been a year since I last blogged. I thought I will leave the blogging community for good.

I did not know that I will witness the power of encouragement first-hand through this. God used a number of people to encourage me and put me back on track when it comes to writing (and blogging). My friend Dr. Kaycee Reyes would always encourage me to go back to blogging or at least post a video because according to her, I have the gift to reach out and communicate through blogging. Here is our first photo together way back 2013.

I also received a very encouraging card from Atty. Joei of joeiandme. She is a very busy lawyer and blogger and I was touched that she took the time out of her busy schedule to reach out and encourage me. She felt that blogging is one of my passions. She told me not to be discouraged because of the negativity around. Instead, use it as my driving force to do better and make a difference. She also gave me a blogger passport that pushed me to write down my blog ideas.

Then, I also received an encouraging message from Clariz, the woman behind wanderyaya , she is a government employee, a blogger and entrepreneur. She sent me a direct message to tell me that she love my blog. Her message somehow sparked my yearning to write again. What is inspiring about Clariz is that she uses her blog to cope up with her struggle with clinical depression at the same time spread awareness on mental health.

Carmel, Meg and Camille also went out of their way to encourage me to write again. Actually, we became friends because of blogging. Carmel just relaunched her blog where she talks about her personal discoveries on freedom, fullness and fresh starts. Meg also launched her blog a month ago. She talks about motherhood, women, and arts. Camille also has a beautiful blog  where she talks about lifestyle and photography.

Paolo would also bring me to new restaurants hoping that I would find the inspiration to blog and review the food, the ambiance, etc. I would just take photos, enjoy the food, but would not write about it.

Amidst all these encouragements, I still wasn’t able to post a single blog entry. Everytime I would open my blog to write, I would see how ugly my blog has become. My photos turned to “error” and my feed became frozen. That was when Marge of thehappywahm sent me a message.

Marge is a wonderful mompreneur who takes care of my domain and hosting.  She mentioned to me that she observed something wrong on my site. I told her that I emailed some people about it because coding is like “Greek, Hebrew, German, Latin languages rolled into one” for me. (Yes, talagang di ko maintindihan ang coding!) I really do not know how to code and I know that trying to fix my site on my own would do more harm than good.  She offered to help. It took her less than two hours to fix it. Wow! She told me that she does not do coding but she did it for me. When I asked her for her professional fee, she told me that she would not charge me for it. I was taken aback. What a pleasant surprise! I’ve dealt with a number of people in the blogging industry who charges a lot and yet, Marge told me to consider it as a gift from her. She just wants me to blog again. Wow!

So now, here I am – trying to find my way back into blogging. It has been more than a year since I posted on this blog and yet now, I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm to write again. Now, I can truly say that it is nice to be back. 🙂


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