The Underrated Planner – Serenitea 2019 Diary

Once again, it is the time of the year when we are searching for the planner that we want to use for the following year. Some of us would even spent every single day (or even twice a day) in a coffee shop so we could get adequate amount of stickers for our coffee shop planner. Believe me, I’ve been part of the craze for years! However, since I was trying to limit my coffee intake, I decided not to collect coffee stickers for this year.

Last night, after being satiated from an oily Chinese dinner, I decided to grab a Milo Dinosaur from Serenitea. As I was placing my order, I saw their beautiful planner in two colors!

Photo courtesy of Serenitea

I was told that the planner costs Php599.00 but it will be given for free for every single-receipt purchase worth Php1,200.00. I was about to buy the planner but the nice lady who is preparing my drink told me that I could buy the Gift Certificates with no expiration date and I can get the planner for free.

It was a good deal for me because I don’t have to force myself to drink all the milk tea just to get a free planner. Since there is no expiration date for the gift certificates, I can use whenever I would watch a movie or crave for a milk tea.

Now, let us check the planner.

There are two planner covers to choose from – green and light yellow. I chose the light yellow because of its beautiful watercolor art on the cover.

Aside from the beautiful watercolor art designs not just on the cover page but also in every page, I like that the planner contains different exercises and challenges that you can do throughout the year.

There is a page where you can write your goals on different aspects of your life – career, financial, family and relationships, etc.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to commit on doing certain things. Those commitments can be written at the opposite page which is intended for your commitment log.

There are also pages where you need to document your activities through photographs. Isn’t it interesting?

Unlike other planners, this does not have a separate daily, weekly, and monthly spread. It goes directly to the page where you can write your daily to-do list. Each spread is beautifully designed with a subtle watercolor effect. There is also a monthly calendar at the upper left corner of each spread. Let me also mention that the pages are thick enough so you may use your favorite gel pen without worrying that the ink might bleed through the next page.

At the start of each month, there is a beautiful watercolor art together with the challenge that you need to accomplish as you go through each day of the month.

There are also discount coupons that you may redeem from January to December 2019! Yes, you may use any coupon at any month of the year!

Personally, I think Serenitea has one of the most functional (and beautiful) planner for this year. I really like the subtle design on each of the pages and the activities that comes with it. This might not be as popular as other planners but I am happy with the quality, functionality and design. I am excited to start using this planner!

I made a youtube video about this planner. You might like to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you? What planner will you use for 2019?


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