My MD Cotton Paper Notebook Mistake

Last December, I purchased my very first MD Cotton Paper Notebook from Eslite Stationery Store. I even included it in my haul video below:

I was so excited to use it that I did not bother to read on the type of paper quality. I dove in and used my Dr. Ph Martins concentrated watercolor which I have not used for quite sometime already. My excitement immediately changed to a feeling of “quelle horreur” when I realized that the watercolor bled through both pages! I felt so bad because the notebook itself was not cheap at all and I felt that I destroyed the beauty of my MD notebook. It was later that night when I found out that MD Cotton Paper was not intended to hold watercolor – more so, a concentrated watercolor of Dr. Ph Martins!

One of my pet peeves is a notebook with blobs of ink bleeding through the pages. I don’t know why but it has been like that since I was a little girl. Facing the reality of ruining my very first MD Cotton Paper Notebook, I sadly placed it on my notebook shelf where it stayed until recently.

Since there is no work today (thanks to the special non-working holiday for Chinese New Year!), I browsed through my notebook stash. (Yes, I have a notebook collection and it brings me joy!) I saw my MD Notebook at the corner and I opened it once again. Suddenly, an idea dawned on me! I got my wide washi tape, a PaperDollz Boho sticker sheet and a pair of scissors. After few minutes, look what I just did!

The area behind the girl was where a big blob of ink bled. I covered it with washi tape before I placed the boho girl sticker. There were some ink splatters at the left side of the page so I covered it with some stickers.

The other side of the page where the ink bled is worse than the first one. I used a strip of contact paper to cover the page. Then I also used the stickers that I have to cover the splatters of ink.

I used Dr. Ph Martins concentrated watercolor on the leaves and flowers

Now, the main page where I used my Dr. Ph Martins concentrated watercolor also has some ink splatters on it. I used the remaining stickers that I have from the boho sticker sheet and covered the ink splatters by decorating it.

Once again, I browse through the pages of my notebook and not a trace of mistake can be seen. It seems like I just mindfully decorated each of the pages. Thankfully, I did not succumb to the desire to just tear those pages from the notebook. Now, I can happily use it once again.



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