A Mother’s Day to Remember

Few years ago, I attended an event where we were asked to do a travel journal spread. The photo above was taken during the event while I was doing my journal spread.

I entitled the spread “Let’s travel together”. In this entry, I wrote about my desire to bring my mom out of the country for a vacation. While growing up, we did not have the luxury to travel abroad for leisure because we need to prioritize our education and other basic needs. Hence, when I started earning, I made it one of my goals to save for that trip. Unfortunately, certain things happened that placed the goal at the back seat until early this year.

January 22, 2019 – There was an extra skip on my steps that day because I was so excited! I went to the bank to pay for our airfare and hotel stay in full. The moment I received the receipt, I smiled from ear to ear – that felt really good! The trip was my Mother’s Day gift to my mom. Paolo also joined the trip which made it more special. Since I booked the trip months in advance, I did not know that in a few months, I will travel with my fiancé – but that is another story!

We were all excited for the trip! All of us were watching different travel videos, reading blog posts and checking out reviews of Thailand.

Finally, the day of our trip came! Dad drove us to the airport and wished us a happy and enjoyable trip.

All smiles before the take-off

Upon arriving Bangkok, we went straight to our hotel to drop our luggage then we started our food trip.

All of us were keen to try the local delicacy. We were also happy that most of their food are beef, chicken and fish!

After filling our stomachs with delicious food, we went to the local market and started shopping. My mom is the best shopping buddy because she is really good in haggling. Hahaha!

customized leather goods

Of course, our Thailand trip won’t be complete without us seeing their tourist attractions.

while waiting for the van

Aside from the temples, we also went to the floating market.

After a long day of shopping and sight-seeing, we indulged in a very relaxing Thai Massage. We all slept like a baby afterwards. Because it was so good, we had two (2) massage appointments in a span of three (3) nights!

It was a trip that made our muscles ache (because of all the walking), our wallets thinner (because of all the shopping), and our complexion at least three shades darker (because it was really hot!). Nonetheless, we all enjoyed the trip!

We were in Thailand for four (4) days and three (3) nights but the memories that we had will definitely last a lifetime. Truly, it is a Mother’s Day to remember.

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