Preserving my Bridal Bouquet

Even before my wedding, I already knew that I wanted to preserve my bridal bouquet. The idea of doing it on my own came to mind but since we only had one day of rest before flying to our honeymoon, I scraped off that initial plan. Besides, I wanted everything to be in place and organized so I can be a chill bride. I researched on different flower preservation companies in the Philippines. After comparing the pros and cons of each company, I chose Purpleknot Flower Preservation to preserve my bouquet.

Purpleknot Flower preservation is the leading flower preservation company in the Philippines and the pioneer in UV-moisture and Color Plus technique which ensures that flowers are protected from heat and humidity.

When Drew Menor, our wedding stylist, asked me what kind of bouquet I wanted on my wedding day, I told him that I do not have a particular flower in mind. I just want my bouquet to be classy and timeless. He told me that he will just design it based on my personality. I also informed him about my plan to preserve my bouquet.

Our wedding day came and I was amazed by Drew’s work! He told me that he personally chose the flowers and imported it just in time for the wedding. My bouquet is an amalgamation of ranunculus, ecuadorian roses, anemone, wax flower, gypsophila, lisianthus, and silver brunia berries.

My handsome groom with his boutonnière

My bouquet, along with Pao’s boutonnière, were picked-up at the hotel by Purpleknot the morning after the wedding.

After a few months of waiting, my beautifully-preserved bouquet together with my groom’s boutonnière were delivered to our home.

The flowers were preserved beautifully and were enclosed in a glass dome with lights.

I also requested that our names and our wedding date be engraved on the wooden base of the glass dome.

Now, more than a year since our wedding, I am very happy that I decided to preserve my bridal bouquet and my groom’s boutonnière because every time that we see it, it reminds us of our wedding day. We placed it in our living room and it has become a conversation piece whenever someone visits our home.

This is truly a wonderful memento that we will surely cherish. Hopefully, in God’s time, we can show it to our future children and they too, will have a glimpse of our wedding day.

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