Our Wedding Monogram

Having a monogram for our wedding is something that I’ve been thinking about even before we got engaged. I remember doodling both our initials on a piece of paper thinking that it can be of use someday.

So when we started with the wedding planning, I tried rendering my ideas in the computer. However, since I don’t have the time to learn how to render it properly (to make it more detailed and professional-looking), I ran to the only person that I have in mind that could do it the way I envisioned it – I reached out to Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio.

Screenshot from Patricia’s ‘about page’ at the Fancy Girl Designs website

I’ve known Patricia from years back when I am still contemplating to change my blog from Sentiments from the Heart to Cheerful Journey. She is a talented artist based in Singapore. I remember checking her feed and dreaming that she can design my blog someday. Her feed, style, and work are so on point – the reason why she always have her plate full of work from different companies who are also in awe of her skills and creativity.

I was so grateful when she agreed to create the monogram for our wedding! I was actually giggling while I was replying to her messages!

I was surprised when she sent me a questionnaire in order for her to grasp what I want for the monogram. I’ll share with you the her questions and my answers and I’ll let you be the judge on how she takes time to understand even the most intricate detail in order for her to comprehend her clients:

1. What is the overall mood/style of your wedding? Please send me inspiration images that you showed your florist. (visual examples please)

The Ceremony will be held at the Sea Wall Garden of Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Below are the photos of Seawall Garden:

I chose white resin folding chairs with cushion for the ceremony chairs.

Then I requested for a mirrored aisle to reflect the clouds and the sky.

All flowers, decorations and chairs will be white. Then the color of the dresses of our entourage will be blush pink, dusty blue, and rosegold.

Then, for the reception, this is one of the projects of our wedding stylist that captured my eyes:

2. Have you picked out the song for your first dance? Can you tell me which one you picked, and what other songs you considered?

We have not picked the song for our first dance. However, we are considering the following songs:

  • Forevermore
  • You by Juris
  • The Way You Look Tonight by Michael Buble

3. Please share any design details on your wedding dress. πŸ™‚ 

I sent her this blurry photo of the bead work of my dress.

I sent the payment via Paypal on August 8 and the payment came through on August 10. On August 15, she sent me this email that made my day:

” Hi Audrey!
Attached are 2 separate concepts that I came up with based on everything you sent. I’ve rendered them in black and white first so we can focus on the design without the bias that color gives. πŸ™‚ I included versions of the monograms from the simplest ones to the most embellished. The basic form of the monograms are inspired by the overall aesthetic of your wedding decor + the swirls on your dress.  I’ve taken into account the fact that you plan to have wax seals made out of these, so I made sure they will be easy to read at that size. 
Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!”

I showed it to Paolo and he said “Wow! Ang ganda!” We both chose the design at the lower right corner. Although I requested Pat to make the monogram a little thicker. An hour after I sent my request, I received this edited monogram from her:

Then she sent me these two colored options:

Paolo and I chose the first colored version. We are both amazed how Pat was able to capture what we want. The details of the monogram is just so amazing! It seems that she has this magical ability to understand the personality of her clients and give above and beyond her client’s expectation! I am so happy how elegant and professional-looking our monogram looks.

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